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Age Of Reason

Are Speedos acceptable on a 40-year-old man? Can women over 35 wear miniskirts? Why does Katie Holmes look like a middle-aged frump, while Madonna can pull off leggings? Two fashion writers debate the pros and cons of dressing your age.

The Featureless Buildings That Stole Our Humanity

Then it was jeans and miniskirts; now it's veils and headscarves. We think we've become so clothing-tolerant and yet the Battle of the Burqa of the past year shoved the old '60s issue right back onto the political stage. Only back to front. Instead of rigid orthodoxy resisting wild youth, more

War Stories Made Personal

THEATRE Minefields and Miniskirts Malthouse Theatre Glen Street Theatre, May 11 Until May 21 Reviewed by Stephen Dunne MUSIC Meet the Music Australian Youth Orchestra Conducted by Alexander Anissimov with Michael Kieran Harvey Opera House, May 11 Reviewed by Peter McCallum

Vivid Memories Of Vietnam War Still Haunt

Women's stories throw a different light on the conflict, writes Sunanda Creagh. Minefields and Miniskirts opens on Wednesday at Glen Street Theatre, Belrose. It will tour nationally until October.

Women's Vietnam Trials Come Alive

AS the actors weave their stories in Minefields and Miniskirts, there are moments that convince you that you're in the Vietnamese jungle as war rages around you.